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Marianela Pereyra

Marianela has been a prominent face in the world of sports and entertainment for many years.  Hosting and producing shows for various networks such as NBC, ESPN, MTV, VH1, Foxsports, and more recently Travel Channel. Perfectly fluent in Spanish, she has also been able to engage the U.S. Hispanic market with her stints on ESPN Deportes and NBC Universo. After so many years in front of the camera, Marianela is now producing, writing, and creating her own projects. Blending her passion for travel, food, nutrition, and writing, she is launching her new blog  TheFuddhist this Spring!

For over a decade I’ve educated myself on the healing power of food, and hope to inspire every person I come in contact with the information I’ve learned to help them lead a more vital and fruitful life. True transformation begins first with your thoughts, health is no exception. Your body is the loving reflection of your mind, so nourishing your thoughts is key. I’m a lover of science and truth. I don’t believe in diets. I’m not preaching veganism.

I’m preaching «normalism.» Have your cake and eat kale too! It’s not about THIS or THAT, its about this AND that. After a decade of tasting, exploring, studying and indulging in life’s greatest pleasure: eating, I can’t wait to share my fuddhist discoveries with you!

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