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Lori Picou

Lori has an ecclectic career that spans many different fields of acting, producing, teaching, and consulting. With degrees in Nursing, Nutrition, and Spiritual Psychology, her ability to reach many individuals, families, groups, and communities through direct education, humor, and the heart has gifted her with numerous accolades, acknowledgements, and professional affiliations.

Having personally written and produced her own seminars under, “Enlightened Entertainment” and with the sponsorship of illustrious Psychiatrists and Psychologists, her spiritual abilities a a Channel of the Higher-Self have come to fruition. Along with her ability to mentor and ‘Life Coach’ other individuals/groups, she has successfully consulted with those both in great need and crisis to those simply needing a boost or new tools in their previous “tool box” for their empowered next steps in Life!

As a Consultant for the entertainment field and other arenas, she has brought together successful, collaborative Teams with a cooperative mantra and work ethics of high level integrity, responsibility, and honorability.